Quality at the heart

of our processes

Quality and safety of our products
Strict quality and full transparency of the process

Since its establishment, Nat&Form always placed quality and safety of its products at the hearth of the trust relationship with clients and suppliers.

Our commitment is to produce food supplement offering what nature has best to offer, without deleterious effects. We work every day on quality and safe processes to ensure anytime a secure, active and trackable product.

Our priority: Product quality and safety

Insure products’ full safety in every circumstances

Insure products’ full safety in every circumstances.

Nat&Form produces high quality food supplements based on active ingredients of natural origin.

To ensure our products’ safety, a HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) was set in the company. This risks analysis template lists all dangers that can possibly affect products, to be able to control them. It allows determining crucial steps of the production process in order to prevent quality problems with products.

Every selected base material is attested before purchase by the quality centre and sample are being analysed on many criteria before ordering: microbiological, chemical, production methods, certifications and other pieces of data, confirming the product’s optimum quality.

After each base material arrival, a quarantine period is immediately established. An analytical self- check is set up. Samples are then collected to run laboratory tests.

Each product faces our strict requirements in terms of microbiological content, allergen chemical contaminant, content in active principles and lack of foreign matter. This process allows the total safety of our products before entering the storage area.

Traceability and transparency

With our strong product quality and for the sake of transparency, the Nat&Form products’ certificate of quality conformity are at your disposal. Searchable online, they allow you to check your products’ safety according to our health controls plans’ standards. With simple requests to our customers’ service, we can send detailed analysis reports. 

For each manufacturing cycle, a computer management of packs allows checking products’ conformity. Moreover, there is a permanent and mandatory weight and dosage check made during the different steps of the production process. At each batch release, a control sample is made. It is then preserved in a sample bank for a one year after the optimum product use-by-use period. 

The health control plan allows the company an ascending and descending traceability of all batches available on the market. Thus, thanks to your batch number, we are able to track the product from its harvesting point to its point of sale, and grant you all the most transparent information. 

Crisis and non-reactive compliance procedures are in place. They are often updated and many real-life situations tests  are run. This way, Nat&Form is always ready to trigger the crisis procedures. In partnership with state agencies (such as DDPP and Nutrivigilance) and the European system RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed). Every doubt on the products’ quality will trigger a crisis committee meeting within the structure in less than 24h, to know what the actions are to take next. This fast alert system allows a fast reaction in front of any possible non-compliable formation.

Regulatory affairs and regulatory compliance

Food supplement are in a strict regulatory environment between food product and pharmaceutical product. Daily watch over regulations is an important point of our action.

Nat&Form has set up for many years a documentation and a regulatory monitoring in partnership with the regulatory firm Nutraveris in Brittany. Our qualified team relies on French and international technical baselines make sure no detail is left behind.

In the course of introduction new products, we apply for a marketing authorization to the General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs & Fraud Control. This scientific file leads to a full statement with the products’ full composition as well as technical and scientific data specific to the product.

The regulatory quality-affairs department works on a daily basis to ensure products’ good conformity. Regulatory changes’ impact on our processes is permanently being analysed. Necessary changes come into effect forthwith to deliver standardised products.

A strict managing

of our supplying

We are imposing to our suppliers a strict design brief. In this crucial framework document, we set our essential requirements for the product: transport method, delivery schedules, information updates and contact in case of crisis. We demand full transparency to our suppliers. Before every partnership, Nat&Form’s quality teams control different factors and analyse base materials’ good conformity.

After suppliers’ approval, we conduct regular quality audits during our partnerships. One of our strengths is to work with French manufacturers (95% of the purchases). Every base material package is delivered with a document proving its origin and an analysis report.

After products’ upon-receipt control, we stock materials based on current regulations, to avoid any cross-contamination.

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Our certifications

Bio and VEGAN

Our manufacturing and packaging procedures comply with the Ecocert baseline. We are certified “BIO” for more than 20 years on those different process steps. The logo and BIO reference’s affixing is approved by an independent certification agency: ECOCERT FRANCE. Each year, many audits are made to verify our processes with the ECOCERT baseline. (Article 29, paragraph 1, European regulation 834/2007 in particular). During the checks, the organic nature and correct storage conditions are being controlled. Similarly, the balance of purchases and sales of base materials are approved, ensuring that we do not sell more organic products than we buy.

Nat&Form is also certified by the international baseline EVE VEGAN issued by Eve vegan Europe. This control and labelling firm, dedicated to vegan goods and services, proves that the product does not include animal origin products and did not imply any animal testing.

Josselin Vernochet’s interview

Quality and regulatory affairs manager

Graduate engineer from ESIAB in Brest, in product safety and quality. Josselin Vernochet joined Nat&Form in 2014. He implements the company’s quality policy and supervises the quality management system.

What is the quality management system at Nat&Form ? (QMS)

The QMS is the global organisation system of the company. It aims the products’ constant progress, and optimization of our manufacturing capacity and over quality processes. At Nat&Form, our system is based on the international standards ISO-22000 regarding food products for which we seek a certification in 2020.

How does this organization take shape ?

The company was split into different poles with monitoring indicators for the processes: management for organisation, product-making support to assist the different poles in their action. A monthly follow-up of key indicators allows keeping up with our quality, safety and efficiency goals. A quarterly revue is made by the executive team to always keep improving our process. This responsive organisation is aiming to ensure compliant products for clients and meet their expectations while applying modifications forthwith.