A culture

of eco-responsibility

Our main belief :
making efficient contributions to preserve our environment

We put humans and the planet in first position when it comes to making choices.
Because nature gives us its best, our goal is to watch over and raise awareness for its respect and protection.

Our production is made so that there are less harvesting from natural resources and less harmful emissions. Committed for a long time to a sustainable development approach, we select natural products, reprocess our waste and respect standards of responsible manufacturing processes.

We continuously seek to limit the environmental impact of our operations : from formulation to the product eco-designs and going through production and the distribution in points of sales.

Our wish : Make the production processes evolve by making them healthier and more responsible.

Environment, our concern

Nat&Form chose to adopt
an ethical and responsible behaviour

The packaging’s eco-design

In 2012, a first step into eco-design packaging was made:  developing the first range ever of eco-friendly food supplements: plant material cap, a cardboard pillbox, recycled, recyclable and plants grown from organic farming.

In 2016, its time for the herbal tea range to have its own respectful packaging, in recycled and recyclable cardboard. 

To go further, in 2018, we set the following goal: “Zero plastic by 2025”. First step: we commit ourselves from January 2020 to transform gradually our ranges with plastic packaging into a 100% green and 100% compostable alternative made from sugar cane residues.

Objective 2025, Zero plastic

A support offered to the associative sector

We watch and support innovative projects involved into environmental challenges of tomorrow with our project PROTECT. Since the launching in 2014, this initiative allowed us to support 18 associations of environmental protection and/or animal rights associations.

Initiative protect

Commitments acknowledged by the label “Lucie”

We are investing for many years to reduce our environmental impact. By joining the Lucie community, we emphasize our areas of improvement, assess them, and develop them. We wish to share our believes because we assume it is our responsibility. This environmental label is an organisations’ community sharing the same desire: make this world fairer and more respectful with Mankind and territories.

Learn more about LucieLearn more about Lucie

Daily eco-gestures

Because we believe in small things, in gestures that help restoring our ecosystem’s well-being…


Plastic waste management and revaluation coming from our manufacturing processes :

  • Sustainable partnership with “Les Recycleurs Bretons” 
  • Internal collecting of our products’ caps to fund wheelchairs with the association “Bouchons d’amour”.


No more single use plastic material in the company

Withdrawal of disposable plastic cups in free access in the company. To replace those, involved employees use gourds and water fountains, thus avoiding the use of plastic bottles and plastic cups. At Atlantic Nature, in 1 year and with 48 employees, the « Gobi » gourds replaced and avoided 31200 plastic cups, 144kg of CO2 and 192kg of waste.


Employees’ awareness and mobilisation

  • Events related to environment protection – Beaches cleaning 
  • Monthly advises on eco-gestures to adopt.

And many others…